Twitter hours have been around for a number of years now and are becoming ever popular. They are a great way to communicate with other businesses on the platform, get your product and services out there & to find potential customers.

I recommend, if Twitter is part of your business strategy, to join Twitter Hours specific to your business, product or service.


What are Twitter Hours?

The hours are set up on Twitter by other businesses and marketing companies to allow users to engage through certain hashtags during specific hours of the day, month or year and depending on specific the topics, interests & trends.

By searching through Twitter you will be able to discover the Twitter Hours that would be perfect for your business.

How to get the most out of Twitter Hours?

Twitter Hours can be used in addition to your usual Twitter posts to boost your business profile further.

To get the most out of the Twitter hours, I recommended that you get involved in as many as possible that relate to your business or service.

Instead of constantly promoting your product during the Twitter hours, I suggest, getting involved in the conversation, building up a rapport with other Twitter users, offer advice and finally let people know about your product and services. This way you are seen as a person rather than a business and will potentially cause people to remember and talk about you and your business to others.

Remember, all communication is good communication. Using Twitter Hours can potentially gain you and your business exposure, word of mouth exposure through people you converse with and potentially gain business for your company.

How are they used?

Twitter hours take place at specific times and on specific days. The hashtag used during these hours are used to:

  • Keep track of the conversation throughout the hour
  • Create conversations using the specific hashtags
  • Create connections with other people and businesses using the specific hashtag
  • Potentially grow the hashtag to become a trending hashtag

Note: A trending hashtag is a hashtag that is being used by a large number of people and has become popular throughout the Twitterverse because of this. A few examples of trending hashtags within the Twitterverse is #MondayMotivation (Used every Monday throughout the day) #ThrowBackThursday (Used every Thursday throughout the day). These hashtags have been trending for a long time and a large number of businesses and people use them.

Using these popular hashtags is the perfect way to become part of a larger conversation on the social media network. The hashtags can also potentially boost your views or your tweets can become lost in a crowd. The key to using these hashtags is to create retweet worthy messages that can gain you and your business exposure throughout the day.


Do’s and Dont’s for Twitter Hours 

Instead of going head first and promoting your product constantly throughout the hour, I would recommend offering advice, getting involved in the conversation and conversations throughout the hour. Lastly, promote your product, let your customers know who you are and what you do without the aggressive marketing tactics and sales pitches.

Ensure you tweet every 5-6 minutes to keep your tweets in the mix and keep an eye out for conversations to get involved in. There is no point watching the Twitter hour conversations go by, you need to get involved in as many as you can!

Finally, don’t forget to add the twitter hashtag in each tweet that you are sending out during the hour or your conversation won’t be found!

My next blog post will be filled with useful Twitter Hours but until then use the Twitter search bar, find Twitter Hours to relate to your business and #GetInvolved!

If you have any questions about Twitter Hours to suit your business or any questions from the blog post, let me know in the comments!

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